Author:  O.K. Iriskhanova

Affiliation:  Moscow State Linguistic University

Abstract:  The paper contributes to the cognitive studies of gestures that manifest a new multimodal turn in the research of human communication in natural environment. The results of an experiment carried out in Russia, France and Germany are presented in the paper. The aim of the research provided by an international group of cognitive scholars was to compare the correlation between speech and gestures in oral narratives about past events. The analysis revealed certain differences in the correlation between the internal structure of event (its boundedness or unboundedness), the aspectual characteristics of the verb forms and the (un)boundedness of the gestures used with the verbs. The differences are explained by the fact that gestures can be linked to words either at a more abstract (grammatical) level, or at a more concrete (semantic and pragmatic) level. It is argued that for the Russian language the direct correlation between bounded/unbounded events, perfective/imperfective verbs and bounded/unbounded gestures is constrained by the lexico-semantic and contextual factors more often than in the other two languages.

Keywords:  event, gesture, aspect, (un)boundedness.


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Pages:  50-61

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