COGNITIVE-PRAGMATIC VARIETY OF SUBSTANDARD LEXICAL SYSTEM (based on the synonymic group of speech verbs)

COGNITIVE-PRAGMATIC VARIETY OF SUBSTANDARD LEXICAL SYSTEM (based on the synonymic group of speech verbs)

Author:  Ponomareva O.B.

Affiliation:  Tumen State University


The paper tackles the problems of synonymy, pragmonymy, the semantic processes of synonymic analogy, synonymic derivation and synonymic irradiation in substandard lexical system. It is stressed that variety being the typical feature of substandard system is realized through semantic redundancy thus creating expressiveness.The substandard system is also marked by the dynamic synonymy, which forms numerous groups of synonyms around the centers of synonymic attraction. In the thematic group of speaking the centers of synonymic attraction are various low colloquial, vulgar, emotionally colored and pejorative derivatives presenting the acts of speech metaphorically and metonymically. The basic cognitive models of synonymic attraction in the analyzed group are the metaphorical and metonymical models linking the mental processes and their language realization in the variety of free and bound analogies.

Keywords:  synonymy, pragmonymy, synonymicanalogy, synonymic derivation, synonymic irradiation, variety, dynamic synonymy, centers of synonymic attraction, cognitive models


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Pages:  115-126

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